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14 best spices for weight loss

Want to burn fat and lose weight? Try these spices.

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14 best spices for weight loss

14 best spices for weight loss

Start using these spices to help speed up your metabolism, suppress appetite, and burn fat.

Are you trying to speed up metabolism, suppress appetite, burn calories, and shed some fat? If so, adding more spices to your diet might be the way to go to lose weight.  Let’s discuss how to utilize spices for weight loss.

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the top health-boosting spices and herbs to help you lose weight. Let’s take a look at some of the best super spices.

1. Ginseng

Ginseng - Spices that help you lose weight and burn fat

There are various ways  to use ginseng depending on the culture in which you live.  For one, Americans typically utilize ginseng as a stimulant. Whereas in eastern medicine, it is usually used as an agent to calm the body.  Some of the most important uses of ginseng, however, are through the weight loss properties it may possess.

Some suggest that Korean ginseng may help the body to metabolize carbohydrates. Others, suggest this may not be so.  Similarly, ginseng may be able to help the body to boost its metabolism. This has been linked to weight loss among individuals with obesity and diabetes, which has been shown in as little as 12 days.

In addition, consuming regular amounts of Korean ginseng can help with controlling blood sugar levels for individuals with diabetes. It can even help control mood among this population as well.  You can find Korean ginseng typically as a dietary supplement in a pill form. But there are many ways that you can incorporate it into your diet.  One of the most commonly healthy ways to consume ginseng is through tea form, which can be found in the “Green Tea Recipe.”

If you are not much into tea, then consider making a healthy Steamed chicken with ginseng meal for dinner or even a Ginseng chicken soup.  However, regardless of how you consume it, the health benefits will be plenty. Thus making ginseng the number one spice for weight loss.

2. Cinnamon

Cinnamon - Best spices for weight loss and burning fat

This is a common spice used in the fall and winter months of the year.  Cinnamon has a strong bark flavor and it makes an ideal spice for special warm beverages during the holiday season.  In addition to tasting amazing, cinnamon is a great spice for weight loss. Cinnamon play an essential role in lowering of blood sugar upon consumption of the spice.  In addition, cinnamon may help to speed up your metabolism, which is the primary center of your weight maintenance day-in and day-out.

The frequent use of this spice should be fairly easy to get into your diet regularly, provided you have some great, healthy recipes.  You could start your day off with fiber-rich banana-bran muffins, which are loaded with cinnamon.  For healthy dessert options, you can prepare a frozen pumpkin mousse pie, which calls for one-half teaspoon of cinnamon in the recipe.  And if you want a little more, consider washing everything down during your midday snack with a healthy cinnamon bun smoothie.

3. Turmeric

Turmeric - Best spices for weight loss

This is one of the brightest spices you can cook with and it is found in many flavorful recipes around.  Turmeric is a staple spice in many households and it is a popular spice that provides many health benefits.  Some of the most well-known benefits include weight loss, when consumed in good amounts.

According to a recent study, rats that were fed the active ingredient in turmeric were found to have lost more weight than the rats who did not consume the compound.  This bodes well for weight loss.

In addition, turmeric is a spice that is growing in interest in the fat burning process in the body. Some researchers suggests that it could help to enhance brown fat cells in the body (cells that burn fat).  Increasing the amount of brown fat in the body can lead to a significant amount of weight loss and it could help lead to better weight management control.  Consider using turmeric in a number of recipes at home including a slow-cooker Moroccan lentil soup, quick chicken Tikka Masala, or in a tropical carrot, ginger, and turmeric smoothie.

4. Cayenne

Cayenne - Spices for burning fat and losing weight

This is one of the hottest spices around and it can deliver quite a punch in a little amount.  Cayenne pepper spice is highly regarded as a great weight loss spice that you can use in many recipes that have a little spice to them.  It is loaded with antioxidants to help keep your body healthy and protected, but it is also something that you could use as an aid for weight loss.

Upon the consumption of cayenne pepper, your body immediately triggers a response. This can include sweating, increasing your body temperature, or even boosting metabolism to help fight off the substance.  These factors are ideal for weight loss. As a matter of fact, anytime your metabolism is boosted, you are more likely to lose some weight.  Some of the most popular ways to consume cayenne in the diet is through smoothies and with dinner items.

Consider the lemonade cleanse, Aaron and Lindsay’s chicken tortilla soup, or peppered shrimp Alfredo. All of these recipes call for cayenne pepper and each one is conducive for weight loss when portioned to perfection.

5. Cumin

Cumin - Top spices for weight loss

This is a widely used spice in many cuisines that use turmeric, so keep this in mind.  Cumin is a common household spice that has been shown to increase metabolism, which is a direct way for you to lose weight.  Especially when mixed with curry, cumin can help to aid in increasing your metabolism to help you to lose calories and meet your weight loss goals.

Some researchers have state that cumin powder is capable of increasing your weight loss by decreasing body fat stores and improving your cholesterol levels which bodes well for those who regularly consume this spice.  If you want to look into having more of this spice to aid in weight loss, consider a cilantro lime shrimp recipe, cumin grilled chicken breasts, or the all-American beef chili.  Depending on your taste desires, these three choices are healthy options that you can try to help you to get more cumin in your diet so that you can aid your weight loss.

6. Mustard

Mustard - Top spices for burning fat and losing weight

This spice is one of the most popular choices on many sandwiches.  The flavor of mustard is quite distinct and some studies link this spice with weight loss.  One way that it has been found to aid in weight loss is through the potential 25 percent increase in metabolic rate following a typical meal that used mustard.  Getting this valuable spice in your diet is pretty easy and it does not involve chugging mustard on a deli sandwich.

The simplest way though is to make your own mustard, using this simple mustard recipe, or with a healthy honey mustard dressing, or with a healthy, delicious mustard-maple pork tenderloin.

7. Black Pepper

Black Pepper - Top spices for weight loss

Black pepper has been around for what seems forever.  It is helps with various health conditions including inflammation and the waistline.

Some research demonstrate that the consumption of black pepper can help reduce the formation of new fat cells. This means this spice can help shut off the fat storage process that aids in fat gain.  Other studies suggest that the main ingredient in black pepper (piperine) to be the main reason metabolism is increased with the consumption of this spice.  There are endless recipes that use black pepper. It seems that a rule of thumb is to add black pepper when you salt your food as well.  Consider more specialized recipes that focus around the black pepper such as

There are endless recipes that use black pepper.  Consider more specialized recipes that focus around the black pepper such as black pepper beef and broccoli, black pepper biscuits, or black pepper chips.

8. Coriander

Coriander - Best spices for weight loss

For those who may not be aware, coriander seed is the seed of cilantro, which a very tasty spice used in a wide range of dishes.  The coriander spice can be used for a variety of reasons including soothing the muscles, helping to alleviate irritable bowel syndrome, and for weight loss.

This spice is known to help increase digestion and act as a diuretic, which can help you to lose weight.  When your body is in weight gain mode, it typically holds on to water, which could have you feel like you are bloated.  Having diuretic properties can help ease this symptom. In turn, this can can help your body to shut off that water conservation mode. In turn, this will help you lose weight.  Increasing the amount of coriander you consume should not be too much of a challenge, considering the spice gives off a vibrant flavor.  You can add coriander to

You can add coriander to blended smoothie, make a coriander lemon chicken, or spice up your meals with some vibrant real guacamole.

9. Garlic

Garlic - Spices for weight loss

This is a traditional spice used in various recipes.  Aside from being very nutritious for low-calorie content, garlic contains Allicin, which is important for the protection of health.  Garlic is an effective spice for aiding in weight loss.  Some research on the use of garlic for weight loss has shown promising results.

A recent study showed that women who consumed garlic extract were significantly more likely to lose weight than from the placebo.  When combined with exercise, this weight loss turned to be pretty significant.  This can be due to garlic having a good amount of fat burning compounds, which is ideal for overall weight management.

If you are asking yourself how on earth you are going to add more garlic in your diet without the side effects of the spice, consider the following healthy recipes:  Tuscan white bean and roasted garlic soup, baked eggs with creamy polenta, spinach, and garlic, and garlic and thyme quinoa patties.

10. Cloves

Since we are near the holidays, the smell of fresh cloves may be wafting through the air.  While the clove spice is incredible smelling, its beneficial for reducing fat and body weight.  Some research demonstrates that cloves have anti-lipid properties, which bodes very well for weight loss.  In addition, cloves are capable of increasing the metabolic rate in the body, with aids with digestion and also with shredding the pounds off the body.

The strong flavor and spice of the cloves allows for a strong thermogenic effect in the body, which aids in overall metabolism, and allows for the calories to be shred off in no time.  Before you start trying out cloves, consider the strength of the flavor of this spice.  About 1/8 of a teaspoon is generally sufficient to gain your results, but take a look at the following recipes for adding cloves to your diet.

Try the Indian style Basmati rice, whole wheat ginger snaps, or clove tea (which is amazing to smell and taste).

11. Cardamom

Cardamon - Best spices for weight loss

This spice is not quite as well-known as some of the others on this list. However, it sure does have quite a few health benefits.  Cardamom is similar to ginger and it can help to ease gastrointestinal issues, control cholesterol levels, help reduce the risk of certain cancers, and help ease some heart issues.  In addition to these great health benefits, cardamom is a great spice that can help aid in weight loss.

This spice is capable of helping the body to increase its ability to burn fat through a series of physiologic mechanisms that can help to rid water from the body.  Similar to a diuretic, it can help to control and maintain a healthy body weight by controlling the water balance in the body. This is a significant reason people struggle to lose weight in the first place.  There are some amazing ways that you can use cardamom in everyday use and when you cook.

Consider these recipes to help get you started: Amsterdam hippie soymilk chai, cardamom bread, and cardamom panna cotta.

12. Rosemary

Rosemary - Best spices for weight loss

When dried, rosemary makes a beautiful and aromatic spice that can provide valuable health benefits.  The flower tops are antibacterial and contain antioxidant chemicals to help protect the body when consumed in proper amounts.  In addition to being protective for health, rosemary is a spice that can absolutely help weight loss.

Some studies suggests that the consumption of rosemary can inhibit weight gain by reducing and preventing the fat building properties.  There are a variety of ways in which you can use rosemary to help aid in weight loss.

Consider starting out with a chicken and sweet potato stew loaded with rosemary, Mediterranean tuna antipasto salad, or roast chicken with rosemary for dinner.  These are great ways to introduce the spice into your diet and they are healthy to support your weight loss goals.

13. Ginger

Ginger - Fat burning spices

Ginger is a root and come with quite a punch of flavor and health benefits.  Use this to ease an upset stomach or to simply aid in weight loss.  Regardless of your choice, you are likely to win.  Ginger has been widely accepted as a weight loss aid. In fact, research shows that it increases metabolism and other studies even show weight loss in rats in a 30-day research study.

There are endless ways to enjoy ginger in your diet.  For example, you could simply add a few cut pieces into hot water and make a nice ginger tea. You could also try a sweet potato-peanut bisque, Moo Shu vegetables, and five-spice turkey and lettuce wraps.  All of these recipes contain good amounts of ginger and the recipes are ideal for weight loss support.

14. Parsley

Parsley - Spices and herbs for weight loss

This widely popular spice is a great addition for many dishes.  It comes with great flavor and brings bountiful health benefits.  Some health benefits include improved digestion, liver function, and it is loaded with vitamins K, C, A, and folate.  In addition to being healthful, parsley can help aid in your weight loss journey.

Some suggest that parsley is ideal for weight loss due to it containing chemicals that serve as a diuretic.  In addition, when mixed with other ingredients in a drink or smoothie, parsley can help individuals shred the pounds from the abdominal section.

Spices for weight loss that help burn fat

To sum up, for starters on how to use this spice for weight loss, consider this drink to help aid in your journey. In fact, if you want to cook using parsley, consider a chicken with garlic, basil, and parsley, healthy parsley potatoes, or as a marinade for beef dishes.

Bruno earned his B.S. in Exercise Science and Human Nutrition from the University of Houston. Bruno is fully committed to applying concepts of exercise science and human nutrition to help others live a healthier lifestyle.


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